For episode 50, we wanted to do something out of the norm, so we brought back the Panhandlers Podcast (plus Shayne).  Panhandlers was created prior to Whatever It Means To You and consisted of WIMTY veterans Colt Austin, Matt Cramblet, and Jared Cramblet.  As schedules got busier, business’s created and bloomed, and new lives […]

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Chris and Karen (White) Reid are local philanthropists and entrepreneurs residing in Shalimar, Fl. Karen founded a local allied health clinic, Beyond Expectations. The clinic provides counseling, applied behavior analysis and a private school with a special focus on children with learning differences, autism, or other behavioral difficulties. Following their passion for art and music […]

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David J. Maloney is an attorney based out of Mobile, Alabama. Well known for his eccentric commercials and television advertisements, he’s become a household name along the Emerald Coast. Calling Pensacola home, he is also part owner of the Pensacola Ice Flyers and can often be found at local concerts and special events.   Photo […]

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  David Masters is a record producer and audio engineer based out of Auburn, Alabama. At 25, David came to a decision about what he wanted to do with his life: work in the music business as a record producer. After moving from Ohio to Fort Walton Beach in 2010, he decided to take a […]

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Tarra Wixom, a Destin resident operates the harbor’s newest and only craft cocktail Bar, 1835 Porch Bar. A Colorado Native, Tarra graduated with a degree in anthropology.  Tarra has worked for the Bureau of Land Management as an archaeologist, in the private contract archaeology world, museums and teaching college level anthropology courses. She is currently […]

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Florida Panhandle-based I’MAGENE (ex-Continuum) is a 4-piece band utilizing the terms Retro Electro Soul to describe their own singular style. Constantly focusing their craft, they’ve rapidly grown their fan base both regionally and nationally. They’ve spent the majority of the last year bouncing across the US multiple times consistently releasing content that documents both their […]

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  Growing up having a mother who first attended the Brighton School of Art followed by the British Royal Academy, local artist Harley Van Hyning was inherently interested in artistic endeavors. He took classes throughout childhood and high school but was deterred from pursuing an artistic career. He’s since come full circle, having always kept […]

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    Nikki Hedrick is co-owner of 850 Music & Entertainment, co-creator of Kite Film Fest, longtime contributing writer in The Beachcomber, and a prolific photographer.  The Florida native is an avid supporter of the arts – especially original or underground music.  Hedrick is the house photographer at Club LA in Destin and Emerald Coast […]

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  Chatham Morgan is a lifelong Destin resident and managing partner of La Paz and The Local Market. He founded American Lunch, a 501c3 organization, while in school at The University of Alabama. It is a mobile soup kitchen (think food truck), that serves meals free of charge to those that need it most. They […]

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Episode: 41

  A former public school educator, Dana Bridges left the education system to pursue a more creative life. After educating both students and teachers 10 years in district- and state-level educational settings, Dana Bridges believes the system, as a whole, is not designed to help students become successful adults who pursue their true passions.  Recently, […]

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