Colt Austin

*34 yr old male residing currently in Destin, FL.
*Married to my wife Faith and we are expecting our first child in two weeks or less.
*I work for Amavida Coffee and assume and hold the role of Operations Manager.
*BA in Public Relations from the University of West Florida.
*Veteran of the United States Air Force (ARMS) – Aviation Resource Management Systems
*Lead Singer of Thieves of the Side
*Likes: Music, Disc Golf, Football, Vinyl Records, Retro Video Games, Ready to be a father, Community, Challenges, Diversity, My two dogs
*Dislikes: Negativity, Complainers, Laziness, WhisperJet Shots, Mayonnaise

Pic 9.26.17

One thought on “EPSIODE: 09 COLT AUSTIN

  1. A little more than thoughts and prayers…but not published. BTW, do you kiss my daughter-in-law with that mouth!?!?!🤔😀


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