Music for the soul. That’s an easy way to describe the immense talent of Reed Waddle. An award-winner singer-songwriter, Reed effortlessly switches between the genres, mixing complex chords with his soulful and smooth voice. Raised a stone’s throw away from the Emerald Coast’s pristine beaches, Reed now spends his time in Music City writing tunes for Nashville’s Bandwagon Red publishing company. His songs have caught the attention of Grammy award winners Lady Antebellum, Darius Rucker, John Oats and countless others. Ever the troubadour, Reed has toured across the country bringing his music to the masses. He’s taken home the top prize at the prestigious Telluride Troubadour Contest as well as winning trophies from the International Acoustic Music Awards, Independent Music Awards, and New York Songwriters Circle Competition. Reed’s songs have appeared on television shows around the world. He is currently working on his 6th album and Is releasing a side project EP in early 2018. His latest album ‘Creatures of the Heart’ is available on streaming services and his website reedwaddle.com


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