Alex Fogg gives us the low down on the dire Lion Fish situation, the massive gulf coast artificial reef project and the upcoming Lion Fish Festival & Restaurant Week.  

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  Dave Hope of the band Kansas swings through to discuss all things Kansas (White Clover if you’re in the know), selling over 30 million records, divine intervention, and almost kicking Steven Tyler’s ass.   SUBSCRIBE  

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SUBSCRIBE     T.J. shares how he’s dealt with depression, anxiety and PTSD all while founding multiple local businesses (e.g. Green Door, Honest Restoration and Gento)      

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Kimberly Reinlie and Keagan Anderson of The Red Bar came by to give us insight and an update on all things Red Bar. Kimberly and Keagan have been part of the Red Bar family for over a combined 20 years.  When they say Red Bar is family, they mean it.  The beginning of shifts are greeted with […]

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SUBSCRIBE Clint Hill addresses issues (with a little Tequila) regarding life, travel, school, and starting new business ventures.   Born and raised in Fort Walton Beach, with family roots in the area since 1905, Clint is a true native to the area. Constantly fostering his contagious entrepreneurial spirit, Clint has started and maintained several business […]

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